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Refund Policy

No-quibble money-back guarantee
In the event of dissatisfaction, we offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee provided we are notified within 5 days of receiving your delivery. Simply give us a call if you are not satisfied.

Reporting damaged goods
Although we go to great lengths to ensure safe and sound packaging, the fragile nature of some of the products means that some transit damage may occasionally occur.

in the event of serious or excessive damage:

1) Please check the contents of your delivery and in the event of serious or excessive damage

2) Sign the delivery as damaged and refuse the delivery.

3) Contact Pastry Direct as soon as possible - but at least within 5 days - as we will require full details in order to make a claim against the carrier.
     Our liability is limited to the value of the goods and the delivery charge.

4) On receipt of the returned product, we will email you to confirm receipt, inspect the product.
    Where applicable we will approve the claim with the option of a full refund or replace the product.