Pastry Direct: Professional French Pastry Direct to your Door

Pastry Direct: Professional French Pastry Direct to your Door

Pastry Direct is Ireland’s only site dedicated to delivering professional quality Gourmet Pidy Pastry directly to consumers’ doors.

For more than 50 years Pidy Pastry has been known globally as the world’s leading ‘Ready-to-fill’ pastry. These products, synonymous with excellence in the culinary world, have been in the main unavailable to the general public.

Pastry Direct has the sole objective of providing Pidy products, traditionally only available to professional chefs, to home kitchens and small businesses. Simply order from our website and using our recipes online or your own, Pastry Direct gives you access the finest pastries the culinary world has to offer.

Pidy’s ‘Ready-to-Fill’ pastries is renowned for its convenience and quality, simplifying the process without compromising on taste or presentation. The Pidy range includes a huge variety of pastry types, from tart shells to puff pastry, from savoury to sweet, all crafted with the finest ingredients.

Pastry Direct has streamlined the use of Pidy pastry by creating a straightforward and easy-to-navigate platform where anybody can browse and purchase from the wide range of products. Additionally, Pastry Direct offers detailed product descriptions, usage tips, and recipe ideas, helping customers get the most out of their purchases.

Pastry Direct revolutionizes the accessibility of gourmet pastry products in Ireland, bridging the gap between professional kitchens and home cooking. By offering Pidy Pastry, the world’s leading ready-to-fill pastry, directly to consumers, Pastry Direct enables everyone to achieve culinary excellence with ease.

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