Banoffi Tart

Banoffi Tart

Pidy Banoffi Tart

Category / Type: Sweet/Cold Fill
Prep time: 10 minutes
Serves: 10 pieces


  • 10 Pidy Sweet Tartlets 9.5cm
  • 1 Can of Nestle Caramel/Home-made Caramel
  • 250g Whipped fresh cream
  • 2 Fresh Bananas
  • Grated Chocolate 

Utensils: Whisk, Spatula Piping bag and nozzle


1. Fill the sweet tartlets evenly with the caramel.

2. Whip cream and Place in a piping bag with nozzle.

3. Slice up the fresh bananas and place the sliced banana onto caramel.

4. Pipe the cream onto the banana.

5. Grate chocolate on top.

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