Tips on How to Reduce Your Household’s Food Waste

Tips on How to Reduce Your Household’s Food Waste

Food waste can be detrimental to both the environment and your household finances, so what quick and easy steps can we all take to improve the effects we have on our planet and our pockets?


At Pastry Direct, we are ever conscious of the potential damage food waste can have on the environment and your household finances. These facts are often ignored as we justify throwing leftovers in the rubbish by blaming big corporations for their excessive wastefulness. 

But the reality of the situation is that Irish households are responsible for more than we would like to believe. 

  • Ireland produces 750,000 tonnes of food waste each year- 220,000 of which is generated by average households
  • The average Irish household throws out ~120 kg of food each year, a large portion of which is still fit for human consumption
  • Food waste accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gases

The Environmental Protection Agency believes that reducing food waste is the most effective action an individual can take in the fight against climate change.

Repurpose Your Leftovers

It doesn’t have to be a chore to do the right thing and become more resourceful. In fact, it doesn’t even require forethought and preparation. Sometimes all that is needed is a pre-made, ready-to-fill pastry of your choice from Pidy.

Having a high-quality and convenient ready-to-fill pastry in your cupboards, that does not lose quality or flavour, your leftovers can be quickly transformed into something entirely different and even more appetising than before.

Think about it. Last night’s curry is today’s samosa filling. Sunday’s roast is Monday’s quiche. That cheese board that all your guests were too stuffed to eat, is now a Three Cheese Tart

Check out some recipe ideas here.

Think Sustainability! 

Sticking to a diet of seasonally fresh food does not only have to be for health or quality reasons. It can also be a statement of your commitment to sustainability. 

Being sustainable based on season does not need to be a strict regime. In fact, it requires the ability to be flexible and work with what is at hand. 

For more tips on how to Reduce Food Waste by remaining seasonal take a look at Stop Food Waste’s seasonal calendar.


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