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Mini Puff Pastry Assortment (Canape)

Mini Puff Pastry Assortment (Canape)

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Mini Puff Pastry Cocktail Canapé Assortment

Party Food made simple with assortment of puff pastry canapés. Our wide range of ready-to-fill puff pastry selections will transform you're get-together into a gourmet gathering. 

Craft crowd-pleasing canapes with the award-winning puff pastry products at a moment notice. Add your own unique, personalised twist to cocktail party classics without hours of undue prep.

You can create savoury crowd-pleasing canapés with our award-winning products whenever inspiration strikes. Create your own unique, impressive appetizers and surprise your guests!

This mini puff pastry cocktail canape assortment contains 12 pieces of square vol au vents, round Zakouski vol au vents, Gourmande cocktail cups and Apericoeur heart shaped vol au vents.

Pidy's gourmet pastries are made in the traditional French method. allowing for a deliciously light and airy result.

To optimise quality, we advise you to bake the empty mini puff pastries 4 min. in a preheated oven at 170° C, filled product 7 min. at 170° C.

  • Light & Airy
  • Ready to fill 
  • Ideal for hot and cold fillings
  • Great with sweet and savoury ingredients
  • Can be frozen after filling


Units per packet: 48

Max Packets per Single delivery: 4

Allergenic Information: Gluten (Wheat), Dairy

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